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Custom Builder

The Eldridge Homes team will give you and your home that special touch of individuality, experience, attention to detail and most importantly our time. We are home builders in Perth that offer all our clients a professional one on one design and build service which is personable, honest and flexible.

You deal directly with the Sole Director/Builder throughout your Build

Clients communicate with one point of contact throughout their entire build. This ensures that all clients have the company's full attention and any correspondence you have with us is not lost in a chain of communication. Client’s are made aware of what is expected to happen and kept up to date during the entire progress. Our clients needs and expectations are always put first. This is what makes us unique.

Avoid the Disappointment and Design an Affordable, individually designed home in Perth 

We know that one shoe doesn’t fit all. To have an affordable individually designed home that looks fantastic, work well and one that suits your needs is not as hard as you think but it has to be done a specific way. We work closely with you in the initial stages to ensure that you're build costs are kept within your budget and you get exaclty what you expect. Avoid the disappointment months after receiving back your design plans or in most cases a full set of working drawings that end up being useless because you find out that your proposed build is going to cost you an astronomical amount more than you asked for it to be designed too and as a result in most cases the build never goes ahead. 

At Eldridge Homes we will be delighted to;

  • Design and build your new home or home addition - single or two storeys.
  • Build off existing design plans when reviewed by Eldridge homes.
  • Design and construct your multi unit development.
  • Demolish and rebuild.

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